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Defining Market Activity: A Birds Eye View

it's time to zoom out a bit and get a sense of scale and proportions. What is the scale and structure of markets?

Defining Communication in Markets

Now that we have laid out the different participants in the US equities market, we'll move on to discuss the logistics of communications.

Defining Market Participants

There are many different types of participants in the US equities market, each with distinct needs and objectives. Let's explore!

Defining Investing

Let's understand what it means to invest - define investing, understand the base assets, and how assets beget derivatives.

Defining Market Interactions

From IPO to Payment for Order Flow (PFOF), let's understand how markets are constructed and interact.

Defining Public Markets

Join us as we walk through what makes up the public markets - from brokerages to prices, let's figure out how this all works!

Learnin' With Urvin

Welcome to learnin' with Urvin - where we will walk through, talk through, and show you through the amazing world of finance.

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We appreciate your interest in The Terminal. Other areas of The Terminal are currently in private alpha testing. We will soon be opening up The Terminal beta to members of our waitlist.

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