Cryptocurrency is a digital (or 'virtual') decentralized currency that uses blockchain technology to verify transactions; as a result, many proponents argue it is more secure and less reliant on governing institutions.

--Cryptocurrency is money that's secure-

: :

--Cryptocurrency is money that's secure-

Virtual currency cryptography keeps it pure

Elecronic money decentralized for the future

On the blockchain technology security is super

It cannot be hacked or counterfeited cuz the system

Is distributed across too many computers to list em

They're hands-off. No government can interefere-

That's why the central banking system looks at em with so much fear

I'm talkin bitcoin, etherium, loopring, immutable

Proper use of crypto means financial future's beautiful

Lack of regulation means crypto's the wild west

So financial crime is present and they always try their best

You gotta educate- Stay keeping up with the times

I call it cryptocurrent- We Jam on Urvin with Rhymes

I feel like Tyler Durden- The revolution is now

Come get your education, the who what when where why how

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