A Special Purpose Acquisition Vehicle, or SPAC, is another method of taking a company public; known as a blank check, SPACs pool capital and merge with a target to help them onto the market without requiring an IPO.

An S-PAC, or S-P-A-C

: :

An S-PAC, or S-P-A-C

Is Special Purpose Aqcuisition Company-

Its like a fast track-- to drop an IPO

Through a purchase or merger with intent to grow

And if it don't, investors need not fear

If it flop, get your money back within two years

Still a leap of faith, and kinda hard to sell

Because historically SPACs don't do too well

But they... Grew popu-lar for some time,

But right now, popularity is on decline

Because performance is poor returns are not high

Kinda obvious to me, lemme tell ya why-

It's a shortcut, saves time and money

So everybody do it more than half are dummies

Still its kinda funny when the underwriter losin

I learn from their mistakes, and keep it movin

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