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Urvin Finance 1 Year Update

A year ago we incorporated this company with a simple idea - individual investors were being underserved and underrepresented, and that we could build a company and a platform to empower them.

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Payment for Order Flow (PFOF)

Payment for order flow (PFOF) is the compensation and benefit a brokerage firm receives for directing orders to different parties for trade execution. The brokerage firm receives a small payment, usually fractions of a penny per share, as compensation for directing the order to a particular market maker.

17 min
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The Conflict-Of-Interest Feedback Loop

The current market structure creates incentives for brokers to route orders for their own benefit, rather than for the best execution of their clients.

9 min
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Citadel's Lawsuit Against the SEC Over IEX's D-Limit Order Type

Does the retail investor really stand to benefit from the market? Citadel is suing the SEC over the D-limit order type while claiming to represent individual investors - but, is this the case? 

6 min
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We appreciate your interest in The Terminal. Other areas of The Terminal are currently in private alpha testing. We will soon be opening up The Terminal beta to members of our waitlist.

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