A Direct Public Offering - or DPO - helps take a company public WITHOUT an underwriter (like an investment bank). This allows the company going public to raise money (similar to an IPO) but with less dilution (allowing them to retain more ownership).

: :

Ya sell shares to the public to start the show

Thats how ya - lower cost of capital attractive

To small companies with a client base that's active

You can skip the banks and underwriters

People will invest if they believe in the insiders

The issuer can set the price of the security

The minimum investment amount of currency

The limit you can buy and the date of settlement

Because it is direct, it is not as prevalent

There's no new shares so theres no dilution

No large venture capitalist institutions

Investin on the launch, so it's double edge sword

But if public engages, company moves forward

You all on board? This my Urvin flow

And that's Direct Public Offering- DPO

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