An option is the right - but not necessarily the obligation - to buy or sell shares of a certain security at a certain pre-decided price on a certain pre-decided date. Options lever you up - often traded in segments of 100 shares.

When you purchase an option, you're purchasing the right

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When you purchase an option, you're purchasing the right

To buy or sell shares when the price hits the strike

An option that's a call lets you buy at a stated price-

When it hits the strike, you in the money and lookin nice

An option thats a put lets you sell when the strike reaches

When it drops in the money buy property on the beaches

A single option usually contains 100 shares

And becomes a tug of war, between all the bulls and bears

When you own calls, you become invested in success

When you own puts, you hope the company comes under stress

Its often that the institutions bet on business dying

And you hear them bashing on the news just making stuff up, lying

The stock goes up, theyre crying- When it goes down they cheering

Financial education can translate what you're hearing

So the news can be skewed, and the truth is uncertain

So the best way to gather data's researchin with Urvin

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