An ETF is a 'grouped' or pooled investment - like a stock, its treated as a security and traded on stock exchanges but is much more flexible. ETFs can be set to track anything - from the price of silver to 500 stocks.

ETF - Really its simple

: :

ETF - Really its simple

Bundle securites with different symbols

Put em all together in a single basket

Diversify with one buy and thats it

SPY is the most well known

In 1993 became the backbone

You buy and sell it like normal stock

During market hours on the wall street clock

So pass me the rock I'll Urvin slam dunk it

To Cab Calloway just killin it on the Trumpet

Use Urvin for learnin bout earnin-

Update with changes the world keep turnin

Gotta stay on top of your investments

So tune into Urvin Finance Lessons

What a blessin digestible knowledge

I guarantee you won't get THAT in college!

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