Ya sell shares to the public to start the show

Thats how ya - lower cost of capital attractive

To small companies with a client base that's active

: :

A dividend is distribution of company profits

To shareholders who turnin winners if stock rockets-

The shareholder pockets percentage as cash or shares

And if a short seller borrows, obligation is theirs

To pay it. Stocks, etfs mutual funds,

Can offer dividends for you have a passive income

It's like the company rewarding investors for parkin dollars

With more profits they're larger, with less profits theyre smaller

It's simple. Collect a percentage of what you're ownin

Doesn't matter if you live in Africa or Wyoming.

The stock market global opportunity equal

I'm smelling updates coming on a blockchain sequel...

I want people to know that the market's fair

And free but right now it currently isn't there

That's why we got Urvin the common man they're servin

Our leaders are undeserving we're tired of just observing

Coming soon...

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