An IPO - or Initial Public Offering - represents one way for a company to enter the public markets. By partnering with an institutional firm (like an investment bank), a company is able to guarantee the sale of an initial block of shares.

An IPO is how you offer shares

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An IPO is how you offer shares

Investors make part of the company theirs

They like your business and the way ya run it

So they buy shares when you take your company public

An IPO can raise a whole lotta capital

Some may short it to kill it the bears tactical

Realize that the company's private

Until it go public some won't survive it

...Market can be cutthroat, the bear raids

Drop price faster than song travel the airwaves

Get a little education, it help ya

The knowledge protect your wealth like bomb shelter

Researchin terms that ya heard in Urvin

Stay learnin earnin when entre-preneurin

Curvin your chart towards profits

Away from the mainstream lies and planned losses

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